Alice’s food A-Z by Alice Zaslavsky

Beginner chefs and foodies will be grasping at this book – colourful photos and fun illustrations make it work for readers aged 1 and up.

We are surrounded by food and Alice Zaslavsky has captured the more common foods A-Z that children love, thrown in some facts and recipes and Wha-La – food is fun!

Alice has gone beyond the adult centric vitamins, minerals and calorie counting to create a book that teaches children simple recipes, fun facts and a love of food!

The world of food can be so confusing – especially now with so many different diets out there, spruiking their methods as the best. By educating young children, they can learn to make informed decisions about what they eat but over all – know that eating is a fun & social activity that should be enjoyed.

A to Z is a great non-fiction book to have at home and of course in the Science & Health classrooms for upper primary to high school.


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