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Category: My creations

Escape to everywhere

Have you ever read a book and wished that you could escape to that magical land? Perhaps you wished that your cupboard opened up to a secret land where you could meet animals that could talk, eat sweet biscuits with new friends and watch magic spells come to life with the flick on a wrist. Have you ever met a character in a book that you wanted to spend more time with so you could find out more about them, hang out with them and go on some of their… Read more Escape to everywhere

Little Green Riding Hood

I needed to find a short script that I could use in my writing group and I wanted to focus it on fractured fairytales and sustainability. I couldn’t find one so I have written one myself!   Here is the start… (If you would like more please see my teachers pay teachers site)   Little green riding hood.   Puppet enters   Green hood: Hmmm, I’m so lost, my google maps ap has crashed again. (She looks worried and walks back and forth) I know that is a gum tree… Read more Little Green Riding Hood