Dear Greta by Yvette Poshoglian

Alice is in Year 6 at Melwood Public School and she hopes it’s going to be a wonderful year. But it’s not really going to plan as Alice is stuck in the sunroom with her Grandmother now living in her bedroom, as she needs to recover from a heart episode.

But things begin to change when her teacher announces a class project – become a penpal to someone famous. Like many of her friends she hopes for Ash Barty or Beyonce but instead, gets Great Thunberg. Alice isn’t happy with this and to top it off, she is paired with her sworn enemies to also run the Harmony Day Food fair!

This story is written entirely in emails to Greta, as Alice works her way through all the things happening in her life. It’s a story of friendship and growing up, but more importantly, it’s about Alice learning that one person can make a difference – you just have to decide to do something, rather than nothing.

A thoroughly enjoyable novel that will make readers consider what they might be capable of.

Recommended for Years 5-8. Stage 3 & 4 teachers could use this as not only a novel study but also a study of story using different formats.


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