Recycling is last resort – we’ve been fooled into the world of recycling so how can you transition?

What are the 5 R’s? Refuse, Reuse, reduce, repair, repurpose, rot & then recycle. But why have we been sold the idea that Recycling packaging from our food is our best option?

Well if we recycle then we are still buying the products that the big companies want us to buy, it looks like they are doing the right thing and then we feel better for using plastics & over consuming clothing.

Now, don’t get me wrong – it is great if you are recycling your soft plastics and all that can go in your council recycling bin BUT what if you had half that amount because the products you need came in less packaging? The products came in compostable packaging? Or you switched to products that are not packaged? Or you bought your clothes once a year or from an op shop?

Here are my tips for trying to do this whilst working full time, with family & being able to still enjoy spare time!

Buy fresh produce. The more unwrapped goods you buy the healthier you are & of course there is little packaging. Try a local coop like Box Divvy or your fruit and vege store for more of these options. Local is best for food miles too.

Buy in bulk. This could be from a bulk store where you bring your own packaging or from a bulk food shop where you can buy large bags of rice or dried pulses – less packaging & less trips to the shops!

Write letters to your favourite brands. Ask them to swap their packaging to compostable wrap or less wrapping. The more letters they receive from their consumers the more they will listen.

Try and make your own. We are often time poor but baking & creating not only lessens packaging in lunch boxes, it also creates food that has little additives & preservatives.

Recycle clothing instead of binning through Recycle Smart (some councils offer this for free) or Upparel (free socks when you recycle!)


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