Pictures to stir

Graeme Base has written many poignant tales about the environment that surrounds us.

I love reading his books to my classes and my own children. The illustrations tell their own story and the words are like music to the listener’s ears.

If children are to make connections with big issues such as changing climate, drought and environmental destruction – picture books are the answer.

Graeme Bases’ picture books lighten the important issues.

The reader can learn about different types of animals, seek out how the land changes depending on the climate along with learning about different animals and their habitat.

Two books that I have read recently were Uno’s garden and The Waterhole.

There are so many lessons that can be drawn from these two books but here is something for your creative thinkers who love writing and creating to start with:


How do built environments effect the natural environment?


Uno’s garden & The waterhole – Graeme Base.



  • How the world is changing for the animals
  • How the images make us feel
  • How do the words make you feel (alliteration & verbs)




  • Using alliteration, create your own counting book to not only teach counting but to also convey a message of caring for the natural environment. Use alliteration, personification, verbs & descriptive language.