Teacher notes written by Vanessa

Have a look at the notes I have produced recently and ask me how I can help develop teacher notes for your novel or picture book.

‘The teachers’ notes Vanessa prepared for me were well thought out, comprehensive and completed in a timely manner. They captured the essence of Esme’s Wish very well and would make a valuable addition to any teacher’s tool kit.’ Elizabeth Foster, Esme’s wish. 

Esme’s Wish by Elizabeth Foster, http://elizabethfoster.com.au


‘I was amazed by how Vanessa meshed together the teacher’s notes for my picture book Hayden’s Bedtime, and how she found numerous ways to address the school curriculum. She was professional, easy to contact, and delivered more than I expect.’
‘I’m happy to recommend Vanessa, and I will be engaging her services for my next book.’

Hayden’s Bedtime by Wendy Haynes and illustrated by Brett Curzon


I was impressed with Vanessa’s professionalism in preparing the teacher notes for my picture book, In the Shadow of an Elephant. Her depth of knowledge on the multitude of topics covered was just incredible! She has compiled a 15-page document that will allow Educators and students an opportunity to explore conversations and discover different layers within the book.

In the shadow of an elephant by Georgie Donaghey and illustrated by Sandra Severgnini, https://littlepinkdogbooks.com/2019-book-list/735-2/

The Amulet of Athlone by Ruth Devine 


Where do odd socks go by Yvonne and illustrated by Sunshine. 



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