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The coffee cup

A few weeks ago I blogged about and sometimes you forget – which many readers found solace in considering many of us lead busy lives and just sometimes those coffee cups get forgotten. Well there seems to be an answer to this forgetting right here in Sydney. Although it’s still not ideal and waste is still created – a 96% recyclable cup has been created. The first place to trial this cup will be Toby’s Estate in Chippendale. This cup can  be turned into paperback covers and other paper and cardboard products… Read more The coffee cup

For the love of Veggie patches

All children have a strong interest in how things grow and no matter how small your gardening space is, there is always space to grow a seed or two that will flower or is able to be eaten. Why do children need to watch things grow?  Growing their own food encourages better eating. Children understand the process of seed to fruit Children learn how to nurture something through monitoring how much they need to water, check if the soil is healthy and if the plant is getting enough sunshine. Gardening… Read more For the love of Veggie patches