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Would you like me to review  a book that links in with the themes of this blog?

Do you need some teacher notes written for your newly published or soon to be published book? 

Need some help with Gifted Education?

Want to know how you can help your child through schooling? 

Need inspiration to live a more sustainable life?


Contact me now –


I am a primary school teacher (BED/BA International Studies (Japanese)) with a Masters in Gifted Education.

I currently am a librarian at a school in Sydney , work online with teachers who are learning about gifted education and also teach gifted children.

I live in Sydney with my husband and two energetic and creative children (6 and 3).

I am a budding gardener, chicken wrangler and stingless bee keeper.

I love educating children and adults in any area I can find expertise in and have found that books provide a great springboard to start really important conversations.

I love getting outside and am passionate about trying to make the world a better place, even if it is just in my own household for now. I think we all think life is too hard, convenience is too easy and the world will be ok if we keep treating it and the people who are different the way we do.

I hope that by picking up a book and starting a conversation you can make a difference in your and others lives.

Please contact me for

– Talks on Gifted Education

– Writing teacher notes for books (picture books, junior fiction and young adult fiction)

– Book reviews, Author interviews and Book tours.

– How to live in a city and be more sustainable.


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