The first Scientists: Deadly Inventions and Innovations from Australia’s first people by Corey Tutt

What a great book – informative – we learnt so much; inspirational – we want to go out and learn more about our land; imagination sparked – knowing more about Australia’s first people has allowed us to think more about what life was like for them and how we can learn so much to not only be in tune with the land, but to live on the land with more respect and love.

The First Scientists by Corey Tutt

Blak Douglas’ illustrations give more information for the younger reader, and through the pencil-esque sketching, it makes it more meaningful for these children, grappling new ideas and hopes.

Classroom teachers Stage 1-4 should be using this in the Science as well as History and Geography lessons – it encompasses all of these areas and adds further perspectives on how we look at the world through our modern day glasses. Read the pages, show the illustrations and maps – and the discussion will start!

Check out Corey’s company and see how he can inspire your keen learners even further! Thanks for creating this Corey – a great way to engage children in STEM through our Indigenous perspective.

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