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Items available to help you to educate and empower your family and/or classrooms.

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  1. Where are my clothes from?

Do you want to learn more about where your clothing comes from? This small module helps you and your family to understand what the clothing in your house is made of, where it has come from and if the companies care for their workers. This is a hands on, practical and educational module for families and classrooms.
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2. How much plastic is in our pantry?

This module will help you and your family to take a look at how much plastic waste you are creating through your daily food choices. Take some time together to look at what you eat and consider making some swaps on your path to becoming a greener household.

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3. Refugees in our world

This module will help you to talk about who refugees are, where they come from, how we can help them in our country and what life can be like for these people.

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