A plastic free Christmas

Is it possible?

With the swirling news cycle about climate action, covid and now freedom – we really need to start thinking about the amount of plastic waste we produce every day.

I’ve come up with some simple suggestions that everyone can try at home for Christmas – and hopefully beyond! 

– Make your own bon bons/Christmas crackers (out of toilet rolls and old wrapping or cloth napkins – which then get used for lunch)

– If you do not have enough plates, cups & cutlery ask everyone to BYO. Washing up together isn’t the worst thing in the world after Christmas lunch, it saves loads of money, waste AND it saves a trip to the rubbish bin!

– Store your Leftovers are all stored in reusable containers.

– Buy minimally – opt for vouchers to shows or outings, buy local (less flight km’s), handmade or good quality second hand. Lego is our downfall but that can be passed on very easily.

– Buy food that is not wrapped in plastic – take your own bag to the breadshop, choose produce that isn’t wrapped and for drinks, aim for tap water or those in cans or glass bottle of drinks.

– Don’t wrap your presents with brand new paper – use an old piece of kids art, scrap paper or wrapping saved from a present someone has given before. You could even wrap in cotton tea towels or material that can be reused every year.

– Make your own advent calendar – try one that is made from paper, buy a wooden one or a cloth one that can be reused every year.

– Make your own gifts – try you hand at soap, cookie mixture in a jar or edible Christmas decorations!

– Donate to a charity instead of yourself. There are so many great causes to choose from that will support those that need it most.

Do you have any great tips?

Check out this fun piece of music to inspire you too


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