The amazing meals of Martha Maloney by Margaret Wild and Dan Wild. Illustrated by Donna Rawlins. Published by Walker books


  • Food throughout history
  • Changes in how we eat & celebrate
  • Imagination
  • Museums & the purpose of them

This picture book is one for older readers with detailed yet fun text that allows them to jump into the mind of a young & imaginative historian who explores the different types of feasts people have had throughout time. 

Readers can spend time pouring over the intricate illustrations which show people from history – Henry 8th, Emperor Claudius of Rome, Marie Antoinette, Emperor Puyi of China and Queen Nefertiti – and not only how they lived but also the food they enjoyed with family and friends. Alongside each beautiful illustration are facts written from Martha Maloney’s perspective and of course some extra facts to clarify any extra details readers may want to know of. 


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