The princess, her cat, and the ghost by Phil Brown and illustrated by Carolyn Frank

Once there was a young princess who across the land was known for her kindness and compassion as she sat upon the throne.

We all know a little person in our lives who is afraid of the various noises that the darkness brings and that is where Bella comes in.

Bella is a kind and caring princess who has a brave cat called Max but despite all the happiness & kindness she spreads throughout the day, she just can’t seem to do that same at night -especially with the strange noises that come from her cupboard.

However, with the help of her trusty pet cat, Bella learns to overcome her fears and discover that things that make us scared can often not be what they seem!

Written in rhyme, young children will love the characters of Bella & Max and their new found friend. Talking about our fears is important and trying different ways to overcome these fears are great tools to build in young children. Bella and her pet cat Max are great characters for children to learn how important kindness and friendship really is!

The illustrations by Carolyn Frank add to story & fun of this rhyming book by showing how the characters are feeling throughout the story as well as what life in a castle is like!

Highly recommended for younger readers aged 3-6.


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