What If…..? by Lynn Jenkins and Kirrili Lonegran. Published by EK Books

“What if a tree branch breaks my window and a vampire bat comes in?”

This is the perfect book for any child (or adult) who worries too often about the ‘What If’s’ in life.

Meet little Issy, a young girl who worries about anything often pondering the question – ‘What If…?’ Her imagination runs wild with the different possibilities and because of this, cannot sleep with all of the worries she now has!

Issy’s mum supports this mind of Issy’s not by telling her to stop coming up with possibilities but rather to turn the worrying ‘What if’s?’ into more exciting and happier possibilities!

Lesson ideas

  • Ask your class to come up with two opposing ‘What If?’ possibilities.
  • Discuss what frightens each of us and how we can change our thinking
  • Wellbeing links
  • Social and emotional support


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