Bandits by Sha’an D’Anthes.

Fern loved to read about the old times. Back then, you could see trees and animals wherever you looked – the world was covered in them!

Set in the future where the world has become too caught up in neat and clean, we meet a young girl named Fern who loves reading books.

Not only does she love reading books, she is also inquisitive and wonders why there are things called ‘Bandit’s roaming around her town.

One evening, as colour starts to break through, she notices the bandits and does what she never thought she would ever do – follows them beyond the city walls. There she meets the people and animals who are trying to repair the forest and bring hope back into the world Fern loves.

Bandits is a wonderful story to share on so many different levels. The topics of sustainability and guardianship of the earth flow through from Fern and her new friends. Love of colour and life are also strong ideas which link in beautifully with Sha’an D’Anthes illustrations. The illustrations in this book ooze emotion and brilliance. They are childlike – with the use of sketching alongside the bright and vibrant colours.

Bandits is an important story to share for anyone wanting to inspire young people to make a difference – no matter how small. We can see in the final pages when Fern and her new friends are galloping towards the city with seedlings, just how important small acts are. 

So what else can you do with this book?

Who are the bandits in our world? Look into some people who are making a difference by shaking things up.

Where are cities in the world that are devoid of colour? How are some cities changing this? 

How can you be a changemaker? Look around the school or home and see how you can add more natural life to the place. This could be through planting of seedlings, making homes for insects, creating signs and posters to remind people to look after the world. 

How does Sha’an create her artwork – check out her website and be inspired! 

Inspired? Order the book now and start teaching!


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