Feathers by Karen Hendriks and illustrated by Kim Fleming

Mum always said, ‘Feathers help you capture good dreams and keep the bad ones away.’ If I can catch a feather; I’ll have dreams of her.

With end pages adorned with the feathers of different Australian birds, feathers by Karen Hendriks shares not only a joy of nature but the joy we can find when we have lost a loved one.

The story starts with a little boy and his father outside chasing a floating feather which the boy is determined to catch. After a few misses and many floating just out of reach he is able to grab one to take home knowing that with this feather he will be a little closer to his mother.

The boy in this story has lost his mum and misses her every day, always looking for ways to remember her. The feathers provide that link to her and along with his father, they treasure the memories they have and hold onto the feather knowing that she will always be there in their dreams. 

This book is the perfect way to talk to young children about love and loss. It shows us that it is ok to remember our loved ones, to hold onto memories and treasure these. It also shows that although that person may not be there, the day can always be bright and wonder can always be found.

Through the gentle pastel colours of Kim Fleming’s illustrations, the joy of nature along with the feelings this young boy is going through are easier for the young reader to see and feel. 

This is a book to share with children who have lost parents or loved ones but also for those who haven’t so that they can see how these children may feel about small objects that arouse memories or how they feel at night time when there is time to remember loved ones.

The lovely links to Australian birds is also a nice way to lead into the conversation about death and loss and to lead out of it on a happy note.

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‘This review is a part of the ‘Feathers’ by Karen Hendriks and Kim Fleming book campaign with Books On Tour PR & Marketing. A copy of the book was supplied by Empowering Resources.’


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