Little scientist: Robotics. Puffin Little Books

Just because we’re little doesn’t mean we can’t learn big facts

Puffin Little Robotics explores what robots are, who makes them and how we use them in every day life.

Broken down in very easy to understand facts alongside fun illustrations, Little scientist: Robotics is a great way to engage young readers into the world of non-fiction texts.

The chapters are clearly set out in snippets of information for young readers that often start with a question and lead into simple yet informative and engaging answers.

The text does not dumb down the concept of robotics, delving into the differences between robots, what actuators are and different types of sensors used to help robots move function.

It is a great book to encourage young children to see that they too can research through books and understand concepts without having to jump on the internet and wade through unnecessary or more complex information.

The Puffin Little series is fantastic and I can see a great shelf of books coming our way!

Great links to STEM for teachers within this book as well as library researching skills

Buy your copy today and perhaps some other of the Puffin Little series


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