Where’s all the toilet paper?

Simple yet mind bending activities to do with items you already have at home.


How many sheets are in a single roll of toilet paper? How do we know this?

What are the dimensions of each square?

If we lay each square side by side, how many metres would the roll line up to be? 

What is the height of each roll? How many can be stacked in your bathroom to reach the ceiling?

Visual Art

Why is toilet paper generally white?

Why does some paper have imprints?

If you were to design some toilet paper with imprints, what would it look like

Research task

When was toilet paper first invented? Why was it invented? What did it originally look like and why have changes taken place? Explore these questions and present as a timeline. 


What are the alternatives to toilet paper? Explore different materials that have been used to make toilet paper and consider other materials. Experiment with other materials at home to look at: Flushability, Biodegradable? Fit in a regular toilet roll holder? Cost? Environmental impact? 

Problem Solving

Discuss: Toilet paper can be helpful and harmful. Give at least three reasons for each.

How is toilet paper like a bottle of milk? 

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