The Wonderful wisdom of Ants by Philip Bunting

We can learn a lot from these marvellous creatures…..

The wonderful wisdom of ants is another marvellous picture book written and illustrated by Philip Bunting.

We meet the ants – tiny creatures that make the world the place it is, all 10 quadrillion of them. But not only do we meet them, we get to know what they do, how they work together and how they communicate through words and illustrations. 

Philip Bunting has very creatively presented these facts on ants which not only engage children but teaches them about the importance of ants.

  • Cross sections are used to show how the ants live underground (with a sprinkle party room included)
  • Acts are presented to show the process ants go through once they have discovered a pile of sprinkles.
  • Diagrams are displayed how ants communicate through smell to warn, excite or even overwhelm! 

The illustrations stand out, they engage and add humour. Once humour and engagement is added to the mix of facts – wonderful learning occurs!

I have enjoyed all of Philip Bunting’s books so far and this one does not disappoint at all (and has even encouraged some young scientists to test out the sprinkle party theory!)

What else can you do with this book


  • Look at the life cycle of ants and see what else you can add that is not included in this story.


  • Learn about the different types of ants that live around the world and how they get by, what they eat and what their nests look like!


  • Create your own book just like this one on another tiny creature that we often don’t give too much thought to!

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