Take Heart, Take Action by Beci Orpin

Created for anyone who wants to make a difference in the world, Take Heart, Take Action by Beci Orpin, has been designed to be accessible by young and old.

Each page displays a boldly coloured shape with words that make the reader think about the current world they live in. From Showing compassion to Clean Energy, there are twenty different conversation starters that will make you think – what can I do?

Not only are the words strong and pertinent, the illustrations and colours used are also a talking point. Readers can ponder over the use of different lines, the contrasting colour scheme and the shape chosen for the message within. 

Each page gives a clear message on how we can be more positive in today’s climate, when often, things seem doomed.

This book makes you think: 

How can we be more mindful so that our thoughts and actions are more positive?

How can we compost if we live in an apartment?

How can we eat less meat when time is poor?

How can we protest and disrupt when we are young?

Take Heart, Take Action by Beci Orpin is an excellent book to draw on again and again not only in the classroom but also at home. It is a book that inspires thought and from that thought – action!

Further activities


Using a page once a week or every day for twenty days, focus in on the words and how we can use those words in our actions. 

Visual arts

Look at the contrasting colours, use of lines and shapes used for each page and how this links to the words. How do they make the words more meaningful?


How can you send a strong message in limited words?  Design a new slogan that inspires hope and action. Use ideas from your focus on lines, shapes and colours to inspire this new and meaningful slogan. 


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