Foot, Hand, Elbow Nose by Kiah Thomas and Connah Brecon

What a laugh!

Have you ever considered how your foot really feels as it splashes in wet, cold mud? Or how about your elbow, bored with being bumped into things, only longing to sniff the smells he might only see?

You’ll wonder no more as you read this funnybone tickling story written by Kiah Thomas and illustrated by Connah Brecon!

Young Max is caught off guard one day when his foot suddenly speaks to him, complaining about living with bindies, stubbed toes and smelly socks. Being the concerned owner of the foot that Max is, he offers to help foot – who requests that he becomes a hand!

Life with a foot-hand isn’t so bad until other body parts cotton on to this role swapping and then- chaos ensues!

Children will love this story along with the humorous body changing illustrations!

Who would have thought that body parts actually had feelings and dreams? An elbownose, a tonguefoot and a headbottom all have a go at seeing what life is like from a different viewpoint yet Max is not sure how well it really works!

Foothand Elbownose is a fun book to read out loud, have a giggle about and really wonder what our different body parts must feel like!

Further activities


  1. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a body part that swapped it’s role. Explore how it felt, the new sense it was given (or not given), what it didn’t enjoy and what it did!
  1. Write a character description of one body part. Write about it as you would a human character – what it likes, dislikes, what it does every day, who it’s friends and family are, where it lives, it’s hopes and dreams!
  1. What body part would you swap around if you could?


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