Moonlight mums by Laura Stitzel

Snuggle up, it’s time for bed. It’s just us two, my sleepy head. 

Told through gentle and lullaby-esq rhyme, Moonlight Mums by Laura Stitzlel is a soothing story to ease young children’s minds in knowing that their mum, who is working late, will be home soon.

The father tells the story, explaining to his child that her mum is just like other mums in the natural world.

He continues to tell his child that animal mothers like owls, frogs and wombats always have lots of things to do and cannot always tuck their babies goodnight but despite this they always think about their children and miss them too.

The rhyme throughout this story is filled with love and reassurance and the illustrations show the warmth of each mother’s eyes as she looks upon her children once she returns home from work.

This is the perfect picture book not only to show children that it is ok if mum can’t always tuck them in but also to show how the animal kingdom works in a very similar way.

Moonlight mums is an excellent book to read over and over again with little ones as a sweet and relaxing bedtime story.


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