Plantastic. A to Z of Australian plants. Written by Catherine Clowes and illustrated by Rachel Gyan. Published by CSIRO.

You are about to embark on a Plantastic journey exploring 26 amazing Australian native plants! 

When Catherine Clowes started to search for books about plants to read to her own young children, she soon realised that there was nothing of its kind out there. Using her vast knowledge about Australian plants along with the help of fellow botanists, she along with Rachel Gyan have come up with a fabulous book that not only informs children about what the plant looks like, which animals use it, how and where it grows, it also provides one activity for children to take part in for each plant!

The activities range from looking at the plants and its features, touching the flower and even attempting to build a shelter out of old Fan Palm leaves. 

Arranged from A-Z, this book will capture young readers minds and open up their knowledge of the diversity of plants we have in Australia and the different places they can be found.

When children and adults know more about the natural world they are much more likely to care for it and appreciate its wonder. Plantastic. A to Z of Australian plants does this and I am sure there will be many more budding botanists running around after reading this book. 

Embed this book into your science and geography programs through research projects, understanding maps and links between land – plant and animals. 

More teacher notes here:


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