My favorite memories by Sepideh Sarihi and Julie Volk. Published by Blue Dot Press.

I was brushing my hair when Papa came in and told me we were moving. Mama was very excited. Papa too. 

My favorite memories shows and tells us the story of a young girl and how she copes with having to move away from the home she has always lived in and moving to a place where everything will be different. 

Written alongside detailed and evocative illustrations we watch as the young girl comes to terms with having to leave some of her favorite things behind and only being able to pack what she can in a small suitcase. 

At first she doesn’t want to leave as that means leaving behind her favourite pear tree, her best friend and special chair her grandfather made her but as her imagination and resilience kick in, she realises that memories can be held in our hearts and these memories can be carried wherever we go.

Readers will understand that not always having to have the physical thing is possible and that holding those memories close to us is what really counts.

The imagery of what a memory can be and how it is carried is perfect and really focuses in on the power of our minds, ability to remember and strength when life changes.

My favorite memories is the perfect book to share with anyone who had ever had to leave something behind.


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