Mrs T and the magic pencil by Elizabeth Mary Cummings.

Because you see it wasn’t just about coming to school

Or counting to ten and learning new rules

The kids they all knew right down to the smallest

What made Mrs. T’s class one of the ‘coolest’.

Mrs T and the Magic Pencil by Elizabeth Mary Cummings is a lovely book that shines light on a wonderful teacher that inspires her young learners and excited them in their learning.

Mrs T is one of those teachers that sticks in your memory – always having fun with learning, always making students feel like they are important and always ensuring everyone feels comfortable in the place they come to 5 days a week.

Elizabeth Mary Cummings brings this teacher to life through her creative rhyme and the colourful illustrations drawn by Johanna Roberts and allows readers to see just what a special teacher can be.

Teachers will love reading this book out loud and perhaps becoming inspired or even reflecting on their own creativity and fun they give in the classroom.

Parents and older readers may also reflect on those teachers who did inspire them throughout their schooling.

Mrs T and the Magic Pencil is part of Elizabeth Mary Cummings Verityville series that covers many of the wonderful members of our community. They are all great books and are great ways to show young readers that these just aren’t jobs – they are filled by real people who work hard to make a difference in other people’s lives every day.

This is a great book to use when studying different jobs in the community as part of early stage one and stage one curriculum.


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