I want to be a superhero by Breanna Humes and illustrated by Ambelin Kwaymullina. Published by Magabala Books.

I asked Pop, “Can you wish on a shooting star to become a superhero?”

“You never know unless you try,” said Pop.

Everyone wants to dream big and hope that they can make a difference in the world but sometimes our perceptions of what a hero is can be a little skewed by the television shows we watch or what we see on social media. And that can leave us quite disappointed unless someone can show us what being a super hero can really mean.

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Meet Breanna, the young girl in this picture book who wants to be a superhero. She asks some of her family members if she can be one and many say no until her Pop tells her that perhaps if she wishes on a star – she might become one.

Pop drives her out to a place where all of the stars can be seen and there she wishes – but nothing happens.

It isn’t until her magical powers of flight do not appear that she starts to realise that superheroes do not need to be able to fly or send magical messages – all they need to be able to do is work hard at school so that one day they can do wonderful things like be a doctor, a teacher, a vet, an engineer or even a lawyer!

The great message in this book is – work hard and your dreams can come true. It speaks to children in a beautiful way through bright illustrations and a simple yet meaningful story. It shows children just how important it is to work hard at school, to learn as much as you can and from there – the world can open up for you.

This is a book to share with young children – ages 4-8 but older students can also look at this book for the illustration style and the strong message of work hard at what you are good at – and through that you too can be a superhero!

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