More hands on science. Editors: David Shaw, Jasmine Fellows and Kath Kovac. Published by CSIRO

We put extra effort to test our activities with materials that reduce our impact on the environment.

The second book in this series, More Hands on Science is a great scientific investigation book that covers the areas of chemistry, biology, physics as well as the fields of sustainability, engineering, technology and maths!

With the environment in mind I just had to read further into each investigation as that is important to me when creating anything new. Many other science investigation and experiment books do often ask you to go out and buy new things or destructive products but with this book every item has been well thought out before making the sustainability grade!

From heating a hot chocolate to make sound over to growing your own clones, children will love what can be done at home with leftover bits and pieces and a little bit of scientific experimentation!

Parents can rest assured that each of these activities can be done by children of different ages although some may require more supervision than others. The experiments are set out in a very easy to understand step by step manner alongside simple illustrations to help children understand further.

There have also been some great teacher notes written for use in the classroom with links to KLAs – Science, English and Maths from Grades 3-9.

Buy your copy today to use for your science classroom


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