Scary Bird by Michel Streich.

Something happened in the aviary. It freaked out all of the birds. A new bird was there. He looked scary!

Michel Streich has created not only a fun and colourful new picture book which children will love reading but also one that will send a strong message that we should accept everyone no matter what they look like, where they are from or how they sound. 

The birds sit in an aviary, doing what birds do best until a new bird is placed in the cage who looks different. The birds are in a flap about the colour of this bird and how he speaks and are just plain scared about him.

Like many newcomers are treated in society, the birds do not want this new bird around so are quite happy to ignore him, blaming him for eating all of their food and taking up their precious space.

It isn’t until one day he meets a bird who is willing to talk to him that he finds friendship and finally acceptance.

Scary Bird is a wonderful picture book to share with younger readers so that they understand how important it is to treat others with respect and understanding. 

Children are probably a lot better at doing this than adults but will look to us for guidance. As adults we need to show them that accepting people who speak differently, have different customs or eat different food are in the end, just like us and together we can make the world (or the aviary in this case) a great place to live.

This book should be shared in all homes and classrooms to spark discussions about refugees, migrants and minority groups so that we are always aware of treating others equally. 

Purchase your copy today for some great links to Geography, Personal development and literacy. 


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