Tilda Teaches Cartwheels by Amy Adeney and illustrated by Katie Alexander. Published by Five Mile press.

Harry, Binky and I live on the same block. We are in the same grade at school. Sure, we are best friends forever. But Harry, Binky and I are more than BFFs. They’re my TEAM. (Totally, Excellent, Awesome,Mates)

Meet Tilda, a young girl full of life and energy who just loves hanging out with her friends and having fun.

In this new Junior Fiction Series, Tilda teaches, Tilda is excited about going to swimming lessons as she is sure she is the best but when it comes to doing all of the strokes and dives properly – it is her friends that outshine her.

Tilda is a little dismayed but with her sunny attitude she decides to take up something else – cartwheels!

By creating her own cartwheel club she can make the rules and teach everyone. But will Tilda become a little too bossy and forget about how to help people even if they are not great at cartwheels? Tilda will have to learn a few things so she stays true to her friends and herself.

Tilda Teachers Cartwheels is a wonderful new series that beginning readers will love. Aimed at ages 5-8, this book will be enjoyed for the friendships, the funny antics and also the lessons learned.

Buy your copy today to inspire your young reader at home


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