The Colour Catchers by Johanna Bell and Laura Stitzel.

This is a beautifully told and illustrated book about the strong relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter.

Not only do we see how important this relationship is, we also see the beauty of the world through colours.

Colours that come alive as the sun tips over the horizon and lights up squiggly lines, wispy clouds and crunchy yellow grass.

Perfectly descriptive language is used along with metaphors and similes making it a perfect book to use in the classroom to teach this language and also explore how important relationships can help us to see the beauty around us. 

Grandparents and significant adults are important in young children’s lives as they often have a little more time to slow down – but as parents we can also take note from this book and perhaps take more time to slow down too to appreciate the colours in the natural world and make sure we enjoy them much  more than we do in our daily lives.

What can be done in the classroom?

Descriptive writing – what do the colours look like in your classroom or playground?

Relationships – who do you like to sit and talk to, to look at nature with, to spend time with? Compare this to the relationship in the story

Colours – what are colours and why do we have them? Which colours can you see around you? Write them down and draw them. trying to find as many colours as you can!

Buy here and use in your classroom or share at home straight away


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