Ruby Tuesday by Hayley Lawrence

Each moment is mine for one strum in the eternity of time. So I open the cage door all the way.

Ruby Tuesday by Hayley Lawrence is a new YA book that weaves in the magic of music amongst the dilemmas of growing up in a world of the usual teenage angst and issues but the never forgiving depths of online social pressures.

We meet Ruby the day of her grandmother’s funeral – the one who has supported her mother and her for many years as they dealt with leaving life in the city and having Ruby’s mother confined to a wheelchair. Ruby lives in Cooper Creek, a small town that is hot and dry and at times, hard to fit into.

Ruby’s mother, once a famous pianist has stopped playing since her grandmother’s death and Ruby too can’t find her voice. They both need music to survive and without it the house lays heavy on them, eating into their every day lives and making emotions hard to read.

Young Adult readers will devour this book, with relatable topics such as loss of friendship, parties, groups at school and social media. It also unfortunately delves into the world of rape and male dominance – but with a strong message that readers will love and stand up for.

Ruby is a loveable character, with the flaws of every teenage girl but the heart and soul of the one we all want to be like.

Ruby Tuesday by Hayley Lawrence stands out with it’s strong link to the arts and the importance of being able to create, to appreciate and to surround yourself with those things that can speak to your soul.

It shows the importance of finding your true friends and the need for trust in all of the relationships we have and of course there is a love story – one which will have you page turning!

Ruby Tuesday is a marvellous book – a great Australian voice in the YA genre!


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