Elastic Island Adventure: Alphabet Resort by Karen McMillan

With a cat named Blong, a talking Mrs Quokka and a man named My Jolly bowler with a parrot on his shoulder – Elastic island is one imaginative place!

This adventure island is a place that children will be constantly wondering where the characters are off to next and how they will solve the different problems they come up with.

The magic behind the story by Karen McMillan, is based around an island which has been discovered by twins Emma and Ethan. This island is ‘elastic’ and will send children across the ocean to wonderful places and adventures!

But in this story, a friend of theirs – Princess Topaz is kidnapped so they must somehow find her between all the destinations and bring her home.

We loved reading this story for the imagination but at times did find it hard to follow with the fast pace and the variety of characters BUT if you love quirky different characters, then this is a book for your young reader.

There is even word that a movie could be in the making – which I think might work even better. I’m looking forward to seeing the creation!

Duckling Publishing

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