Adventure starts at Bedtime. Written by Ness Knight and illustrated by Qu Lan

Make your bedtime a grand adventure with 30 true stories of daring and danger, written by a real-life adventurer Ness Knight.

In times like these we all need some positive adventures and this book does not fail to deliver with 30 diverse stories from across the world and about a diverse group of people.

From walking with camels across the desert to walking through jungles to find lost tribes, each story fills the reader with anticipation and excitement as well as wonder for the world we live in.

The adventurers in all of these stories often set out with a goal – to discover something that had never been seen before or to do something that no one else had.

Each story is around a 5-10 minute read, perfect for bedtime and perfect for being able to read more than one!

Children will love finding out about where the adventurer started their journey and what they saw on journey from snakes to sinking sands to dark jungles and even the earth from space!

Qu Lan’s illustrations add the sense of solitude within the vast landscapes and the colours used give off a sense of atmosphere as to how the adventurer is surviving the journey they are on.

Adventure starts at bedtime is the perfect book for children to read and see that the world is a marvellous place and although we can’t travel to many of these places now, we can all have a sense of adventure, wonder and awe in our own backyards!

This book is also a great tool to discuss how short stories can be written along with how to write biographies through a single moment rather than the whole life story.


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