Found by Bruce Pascoe and Charmaine Ledden-Lewis

I want my mother and sisters and brothers. I’m all alone.

Immerse yourself in the red dirt of the Australian outback as the topic of stolen children is told through the eyes of a young calf who has been taken away from her mother. 

First up, we meet a young calf amongst other creatures but without those of her own kind. She is distressed and worried about the man who has taken her family and soon to be her. To an unknown place.

Fear fills the pages through Charmaine Ledden-Lewis’ illustrations, worry fills the page through the calves eyes yet determination shines through and then hope that this calf will soon find her family.

The beauty of the twilight and the loneliness of the night time all plat a role in this important story, written so that younger children can understand the concept of losing family and how much of an impact it has on how you feel.

This book, although filled with the concept of loss does end on a positive note, with the calf finding her family and her world filling with light and love. 

Through Found, children can begin to understand the importance of reflecting on our past so that this terror never happens again, despite what authorities think is best. People who have the power need to consider how those who are losing family are going to feel before the action occurs.



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