The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy

And dozens of Arctic Terns fill the white of sky and earth. The last of them, perhaps in the world. If I were capable of staying any place, it might be here. But the birds won’t stay, and neither will I.

The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy is a moving story – full of love, friendship, hope, loss and an timely reminder that now is the time to act.

Franny is a young women who is in love with birds, their freedom yet their knowing of where they are going. She lives in our future, if we do not act now, in a world were there are not many birds left, animals are extinct and the ice of Antartica is moving at a rate faster than predicted.

Her life is full of twists and turns, of major loss and also the heights of love. Her love of birds has always been within her but when she meets Niall Lynch, she learns that others can love birds as much as she does and together she learns so much more about them and herself.

This book is a page turner, one you cannot put down as you flip from Franny’s current life on board a ship chasing the last of the Arctic Terns, her past with Niall and the in betweens which draw heartache and joy.

It’s not a book you will laugh with but it is one that will leave you thinking and wondering what is in store for us. It’s a book where humans are still carrying on doing what we do now, still loving, still losing loved ones, still having accidents and still learning. It is a book that makes you wonder, how long will we keep living in the hope that someone will make us change, someone else will do something and everything will be ok.

I couldn’t put this book down – highly recommended!

The Last Migration by Charlotte McConaghy


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