Kitty is not a cat: Lights out by Jess Black

One day, a small girl with two black pigtails knocks on the cat’s front door. Before they know what’s happened, she’s moved in!

Based off a TV series by the same name, Kitty is not a cat is a brand new Junior fiction series by Jess Black.

Aimed at younger readers who loved a series, this book with its colourful illustrations will engaged and entertain.

Kitty is a young girl who thinks she is a cat and decides to move in with a family of cats (who have some great names – The Nazz, Last chance, King Tubby and Cheeta) into a house. The cats take good care of her and because she is still a young girl, they need to be aware of things that all young humans are scared of – the dark!

In ‘Lights Out!’ the cats discover that Kitty is afraid of the dark. Together they take care of Kitty and work out how they can care for her so she can sleep soundly again in her favourite place – the cardboard box!

Kids aged 4-10 will love reading this book out loud or on their own and with the accompanying illustrations, onomatopoeia and speech, they will have a lot of fun.

I love the creativity behind this book with the cats looking after the young girl and through this, a great message to have for kids when they consider what having a pet might entail!

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