Small Town by Phillip Gwynne and Tony Flowers

My town is so nice, they named it twice!

Small Town by Phillip Gwynne and Tony Flowers is a sweet story that not only shows the reader the beauty of living in a small town but also how important it is all for communities to open their doors to people who need encouragement and love. 

Narrated by a young girl named Millie, she tells us the story of her friends and the lovely town they live in – Gong Gong!

But there’s a problem, many families often leave their town in search of other jobs and there are not enough players for the girls basketball team.

Until Millie, her Granny and her class come up with a wonderful idea – to invite newly arrived refugees to their country into their town to live.

This book sings of love and kindness. It shows all perspectives often felt when new people are welcomed into communities – which is a great discussion point. Refugees are still arriving in Australia as we speak and they need our help more than ever.

The generosity shown by this young girl and her friends displays just how much one act of kindness and an open mind can change many perspectives.

Tony Flowers’ illustrations show the warmth of the Australian landscape along with the kindness and joy for life that oozes out of this young girl. Granny Mac is a great character and as a mentor,, is a great example for the young people of the town.

Small Town by Phillip Gwynne and illustrated by Tony Flowers is a great book to share with readers of all ages. Just check below for some lesson links

Refugees – links to HASS in the Australian curriculum


  • Look at the letter written by Millie. Draft your own letter to welcome refugees to your town.
  • Created a video to promote where you live as a welcoming place
  • Why are there no words on the pages that show where Millie lives?

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