Kitty is not a cat: Teddy’s bear by Jess Black

The cats that Kitty has moved in with want to do something very special for her – get her a teddy bear. The only problem is that they are not really sure of what a teddy bear is!

In the second part of this series : Kitty is not a cat, children will have a good laugh at how the cats interpret what a teddy bear is and just what happens when Cheeta think a teddy bear is something a little more grizzly and big!

The cats at first find this rather large teddy bear lots of fun as he is quite good at dancing, but soon enough they come to realise that life with a grizzly bear is quite difficult. However, being good carers of Kitty, they don’t want to make her upset – so what are they to do?

Kitty is not a cat : Teddy’s bear is such a fun book and looks at how without prior knowledge of everyday things we think everyone should know, confusion can easily set in – perhaps helping children to empathise with others who do not know about actions and objects we think are obvious.

Readers aged 4-10 will love this book and the books in this series for the fun illustrations, use of colour to highlight different words and also the crazy story lines!

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