Tips for Gifted Kids – Literacy

I am sure many of you are using Kids News for reading comprehension but here is the link:

For your extension students consider some of the following questions instead of the quick quiz.

  1. Ask them to compare another article from a different website but the same topic. Ss need to outline the differences and similarities and why they think these exist between the two articles.
  2. Interview a character from the article. Ensure that responses from this character are believable and link to the story.
  3. Write a follow up article for the one they have read – predict what might happen with this topic in the following week, month or year.
  4. Tweet the main idea of this article (288 words)
  5. Re write this article as a radio story. Ss need to focus on the key ideas, any music, anecdotes or catchy headliners they may need. More to come!

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