Time for some shoe shine

Yes, next up – shoes!! We can make learning fun and away from the screens – so let’s tackle the next item we all have in our houses….


  • Line up all of the pairs of shoes you have in your house. Group them into colour, sizes, types, materials made from.
  • Measure a shoe – how many of these shoes make one meter? How many of these shoes would line up across your room? The balcony? The backyard?
  • How many eyelets are in the shoes with laces? How many eyelets all together?
  • Measure the thickness of one shoe and compare to another. Why are some shoes thicker than others?


Literacy – extension

  • Think: Why do witches wear pointy shoes? Why are fairies shoes soft and dainty? Why do giants wear big boots? What if they changed shoes? Would they be different types of characters then?

Global perspectives

  • What if – we didn’t wear shoes? Discuss what would be different in our lives?
  • Where in the world do people not wear shoes every day? Why might this be?
  • Where are your shoes made? Find out the country of origin and the name of the company. Research the company and the materials used. Is this ethically made? Is in environmentally safe?
  • Look at this unit of work on Fashion
  • Where do shoes go once you have finished with them? Explore what you can do in your area to recycle your shoes, gift your shoes or re purpose them!

Problem Solving

  • Are all shoes design well? Evaluate one or more pairs of your shoes to check if they truly do support your feet.
  • Design a pair of shoes that could be worn for all different occasions. Think about what you need to consider so you can wear them to work, at home, for a bushwalking and then out to dinner!!

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