How to make a better world by Keilly Swift

We all want to make a better world for our future, don’t we?

This book ‘How to make a better world’ uses a simple step by step guide on different ways we can all make the world we live in a better place not only for ourselves – but for others too.

Aimed at children, but perfect for adults, this book dedicates each double page spread to show and tell different ways we can be.

Exploring yourself: Different emotions are explored from kindness to anxiety

Community spirit – volunteering to putting an end to bullying

Humanity – people power, starting a campaign and protesting

Environment – activism for animals, climate change and conservation.

Children will see how easy these actions are and how much of a big difference they will all make in how we feel about ourselves and the place we hold in the world.

‘How to make a better world’ by Keilly Swift is a great tool for parents and teachers to use on a daily basis with an easy way to focus on a different topic each day.

Children can read the double page spread and then discuss or create something that will help them to start playing a role in the world they can change.

A must read and a great link to sustainability outcomes in the Australian Curriculum

What can you do?

Read a page to start the school day every day. It is a great discussion point and can link into writing, reading and creating.

Have a go at the quizzes spread through the book and the short profiles on people who have made a difference – this can lead to further research and projects.

For older grades complete a school wide audit to see how green the school is and what can be improved

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