I’m ready for Easter. Illustrated by Jedda Robaard.

The days are getting cooler. Coloured leaves are falling from the trees. I’m getting ready for a special holiday.

Jedda Robaard has illustrated another book in the Penguin Random House series – I’m ready and this time children can explore Easter!

Through the pastel shades, children can explore the Australian way Easter is celebrated through the autumn changes seen in the leaves and the warmer clothes we all wear.

Children will read about the different foods we eat and bake when we celebrate this season and the Easter hats and baskets that many create.

There is a big focus on family and friendship alongside the joy of creating and outside play.

Jedda Robaard’s illustrations have captured the essence of Easter, the colours and the joy it brings to us all.

This is a wonderful board book to share with young children about this significant event in our calendar year and a great way to discuss the different traditions we all have when Easter arrives!


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