Bubbay’s desert adventure by Josie Wowolla Boyle and illustrated by Fern Martins

Bubbay wished and wished for a family to love.

Out in the red desert of Australia, under a star filled sky we meet Bubbay, a young boy who moves around with his herd of goats, sharing their milk and getting eggs in return.

He has lived alone for some time and has been happy with his freedom and the fresh air but now, after many years he wants a family to love. 

Fern martins illustrations highlight the beauty of the Australian outback with the deep red dirt, the sparse vegetation and the beauty of the night sky. The colours evoke feelings of peace and wonder and the joy that time spent outside, although lonely, can be fulfilling.

But lonely is what Bubbay is feeling so lucky for him a shooting star flashes across the night sky and comes to land by him, telling him that if he finds 5 special objects – the star can help him find a family.

Bubbay embarks on an adventure with the help of friendly animals and a guiding spirit named Grandma Gubarlee to find these 5 objects.

Bubbay learns about patience and friendship as he searches for the objects and then eventually love.


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