The Mummy animal book by Jennifer Cossins

Have you ever wondered what the different names mother animals have along with their babies?

In Jennifer Cossins new book she explores the different names these animals have and the dynamics of the mother and child relationship.

Each double page spread carries simple facts about the mother and her child along with a colourful illustration of them together.

Jennifer Cossins has created many wonderful books on animals and this is another to add the collection of easy to access informative books for younger children.

Newborns to 6 year olds will love these books as well as children who are beginning to read or research alone.

The illustrations give a wealth of information and the text is simple yet informative.

Like Jennifer’s collective nouns book, you’ll be amazed at the different names the animal mothers and babies have – try to remember them all if you can!

This is a great book to use in the science and literacy classroom with younger students. 


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