You may ask: why is this linked to environmental books?

I decided to link it because it is about a young girl who has a beautiful imagination. She is creative, she dreams and she plays.

We need more creative people who can dream big and believe that their dreams can be acted upon to make a difference in the world. The world needs our help in so many ways and by linking creative thinking to our daily lives we can encourage everyone to think outside the box and look for ways we can make a change.

I hope this blog full of books and reading tips can help someone to make a difference! (as inspired by my weekly email from Alice Nicholls: The Whole Daily.


I loved reading Incredibilia by Libby Hathorn and illustrated by Gaye Chapman to my children, the pictures really transport you to an imaginative world full of crazy creatures, whispy clouds and natural beauty. We loved looking at each page and imagining what Georgie was thinking about, what she was playing and how the others could play to. Another great blog I follow has explored some simple ideas about play in her own backyard and the amazing possibilities a tree can offer!

You too can read this book to yourself, to your class or to your own children.

Questions to ask

  •  What is Georgie thinking?
  • Why won’t the other children play with her?
  • Draw what you love to think about.
  • Draw an imaginative world where happiness, love and peace reign. (or write a story for those who prefer to write)
  • Max and Harriet didn’t think Georgie’s imagination games were worthwhile. How can we make sure we include everyone in our play?
  • Why do we need imagination?
  • Research some successful people who have dreamt big when others didn’t believe them. Here are some starter websites: failedatfirst  Bigdreamers successandfailure

This links in closely with the Kids Matter units of work in that it raises children social and emotional intelligence.

This book looks at:

Self Awareness: be proud of your passions. Be proud of your dreams. Don’t let others opinions hamper you.

Social Awareness: We can include others by merging our ways of learning together. Sometimes great things can come out of collaboration.

Relationship skills: Learning how to play together, how to include others and how we can play fairly.





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