Quick reading out loud tips



Whenever you start any book with your child:

  1. Look at the front cover and ask…I wonder what this book could be about – draw ideas from the pictures. Read the title and draw ideas from this. Encourage creative thinking – no wrong answers!
  2. Read the authors name and illustrators name. Discuss what they are.
  3. Look at the spine – Note the title and author is here and this is how we easily find books on the book shelf.
  4. Back cover – this will give us more ideas about what the book is about so read the blurb, look at the pictures and read any reviews that others have given.
  5. More detail – discuss what a barcode is, an ISBN number and the price!
  6. This will all encourage creative thinking in your child. Encourage any responses – no one can be incorrect from a guess!

Enjoy reading!



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