I wonder by Allison Paterson. Illustrated by Nancy Bevington. Published by Big Sky Publishing.

 I wonder if I’m rubbish? 

I wonder , written by Allison Paterson and Illustrated by Nancy Bevington is an excellent book to ponder and discuss if we, as individuals, are really making a difference in our daily activities.

Teachers and parents can read this book to younger children to start discussions about caring for our natural environment through not littering, picking up rubbish when we see it lying around and also trying to use less single plastic in our daily lives.

A little boat sits on the shore, alone and abandoned – wondering if it is rubbish or litter as it meets other discarded things who think they are still important – but soon realise that they are just forgotten – soon to be swept into the sea. 

Luckily the little boat is discovered by a family who decide not to throw the little boat away but rather cover it with a new coat of paint and use it for play. They also, as a family, walk along the beach and pick up all the rubbish that is strewn over the sand.

This book is told so gently that the reader will not feel like they are being told what to do but rather encouraged to act in small ways that they can. It is empowering & informative and a perfect book to start on a journey to care more for the world.

The final two pages offer Did you know? and some ideas on the small steps you can take which are great ways to finish off reading the story. 

Highly recommended for schools looking to make a journey into less rubbish in lunchboxes and the playground and for homes who want to encourage less plastic in their daily lives. 


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