Scientists who changed the world – Stephen Hawking. Written by Anita Croy. Published by EK Books

National Science Week is a great week to have fun with science and raise awareness of scientists who have and who are changing the world.

In this new book in the Scientists who changed the world, children meet Stephen Hawking and learn all about not only his life and his dedication to science but also the concepts that he learnt more about through his discoveries.

When children research notable people who have made a difference in the world they can see that to achieve greatness – they need to work hard. They can learn that these amazing people, like Stephen Hawking, have qualities just like themselves and they too can make a difference.

This book is well set out for readers aged ten and older but younger children can also access this book through the photos and illustrations that show Stephen Hawking in real life as well as the concepts he delved into.

A great addition to any home as well as science & literacy classrooms!


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