Do something for someone else written by Loll Kirby and illustrated by Yas Imamura. Published by Magic Cat Publishing

The children in this book teach us that when each of us does something to face a problem we are passionate about we can change the world together.

Meet 12 children from all different countries around the world who are making differences in the world around them.

Each double page spread is beautifully illustrated by Yas Imamura to show what the child has done for their community alongside Loll Lirby’s short yet succinct summary of what the child has done to make a difference.

Children will be amazed and inspired by these stories which start from achievable ideas to something that has had a wide impact in their own countries and at times, around the world.

This book can be read just to inspire but it can also be used to learn more about children who make a difference, how they do it and what it can look like.

Some great biographies can be written using this text as an inspiration alongside illustrations which tell a story too.


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