Tomorrow Girl. A tale of Mindfulness by Vikki Conley and Penelope Pratley

When Tomorrow was a baby she ran before she could walk.

Tomorrow may remind you of yourself or perhaps some children who are constantly running to the next activity wanting to see what is next – forgetting to stop and enjoy the path.

In this story we are reminded of just how important it is to be like another child in this book – Today – who stops to look along the way, enjoying what the day brings and seeing all of the little things within it. Tomorrow is too busy at first to bother with someone like Today and finds a girl named Yesterday too sad with all her worries but doesn’t really pay too much attention to either as she has to get to the next thing.

Teachers and parents can not only open discussions with the little people in their lives about slowing down and just being but can also think about their own lives and how busy we often make them unnecessarily.

Penelope Prately’s illustrations and softly drawn and meaningful which draw the reader into feeling more towards Tomorrow as she grows in height and age through the book.

Use this book in class:

You could ask students to create their own self reflection inquiry project about when they and others in their family stop and slow down. Ask them to come up with ways they can slow down and enjoy the small things in life.

Explore Mindfulness and how we can apply it to our every day lives and why we need to!


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